Friday, 9 November 2012

Assignment Format Samples

One of the keys to writing an assignment successfully is to understand the requisites. For instance, you may refer to assignment format samples, to under how a particular assignment should be written and assessed. You may be required to format assignments using formatting styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard, learn how to follow respective structures in writing different categories of assignments or what language to use. Formatting styles are so similar that only with the help of assignment format samples can you notice the difference.
Assignment format samples category one
This is the category whose purpose is to outline the guidelines of assessing an assignment. It is applicable when persons concerned are applying for competitive positions. Students should refer to the most recent academic format samples before writing an assignment. For instance, prior to writing an assignment in 2012, look at an assignment format sample 2012.
The assignment format sample 2012 will give you guidelines of what your task should cover.
This category of assignment assesses critical thinking and writing skills and communication skills in problem solution. Assignment format sample 2012 rubric has the following:
  •   Is the question well-stated? Look at the following: clarity, objectivity and complexity of the subject matter.              Click to view tips on writing assignments and challenges faced.
  • How relevant is the evidence presented and is the evidence essential to the issue?
  • Are key concepts clearly defined?
  • Is there a clear and definite line of reasoning?
  • Is the writer sensitive to other lines of reasoning?
  •  Is the writer sensitive to the consequences of the position he/she has taken in the particular assignment?
If at any one time you desire to use samples for learning purposes, have at least five. For instance, you can consider assignment format sample 2012, 2011, 2010 etc. You may also have five samples written in 2012. A combination of these will give you insight on what you should write.
Assignment format samples category two
As earlier mentioned the formats commonly used are APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. They focus on the general appearance of an assignment. These formats relate to factors such as:
  • How pages are numbered
  • How titles are written
  • How sources are referenced
  • Size of the margin to the right, left, top and bottom
  • The size and type of the font that should be used
  • Spacing between lines and in some cases words and letters
  • Whether paragraphs should be indented or otherwise, if yes, how big should the indent be
  • For effective delivery in an assignment, you must make reference to the most appropriate assignment format samples.   

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